Introducing New Line of Universal Watch Straps; Luxury for All!

For those in the know, the name RubberB is synonymous with high quality accessories for some of the world’s finest watches. Specifically, RubberB, as the name implies, makes durable, vulcanized rubber watch bands for timepieces made by watchmakers like Rolex and Panerai. But, not content to sit on its laurels, RubberB has introduced a new line of universal watch straps designed to bring this same level of luxury and performance to everyone.

Dubbed the Structure Series, these watch straps feature the same quality design, styling, and rugged durability that has made RubberB “The Ultimate Rubber Strap.” These universal straps fit on most major brands of wrist watch, and were created to fill a growing need. Since the release of RubberB’s original line of Rolex straps, consumers have been clamoring for more straps made to the same exacting standards of excellence. While one highlight of the RubberB catalog is the brand’s exacting fit to the dimensions of the watches for which each strap is tailored, making a separate strap to fit every model and variation would be exceptionally expensive.