RubberB Has Done it Again; Innovative New Universal Watch Strap is Stylish and Durable

For many, luxury wrist watches can only have two types of straps: metal or leather. Of course, this limited way of thinking has been shaken up over the last few years by a rebellious young company called RubberB. RubberB makes stylish luxury watch straps from vulcanized rubber for some of the world’s finest watches, like Rolex and Panerai. Now, RubberB is shaking up the market again with the introduction of its new Structure Series™ of universal watch straps.

Some may wonder why a rubber watch strap would be desirable for a luxury wrist watch. The answer is form and function. Metal straps may look nice, but can easily snap under stress, pinch during active moments, and corrode over time. Leather straps, on the other hand, have short useful lives that become even more brief when exposed to water, sweat, or any level of stress. RubberB’s straps, on the other hand, have elegant designs with quality buckles, an array of colors, and other features that make them ever bit as elegant as traditional offerings. But, unlike a metal or leather wrist band, RubberB’s watch straps will not snap, corrode, or wear out if exposed to water, athletic activity, or the rigors of daily usage.

leather strap for all watches

However, until recently, RubberB watch straps had only been available to those who own select models of watches. This was due to a small, but much sought after detail of their design called “blocked integration.” This feature meant that the watch strap was so exquisitely matched to the watch for which it was intended, that it fit as though it was the original strap. Unfortunately, making straps to this exacting level of detail means making straps that are only for a single maker and a single model.

But, thanks to an overwhelming outpouring of customer interest in a design that was less exacting in its stock-part-like fit while still including all of the other features that have made RubberB so sought after, the company decided to release a universal watch strap line. Thus, the Structure Series™ was born. Due to go on sale in 2015, these straps will feature the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of all of RubberB’s watch straps, but are designed to fit the majority of popular watch makes and models on the market today.