The 4 Best Outdoor Watches for the Sports Enthusiast

If you’re an outdoorsy person and need a durable and reliable sport watch, it can be hard to find a timepiece that gives you everything you need. Everyone needs something a little different, but a few watches stand out as being the most well rounded and consumer friendly devices for their specific fields. One thing that nearly all sport watches have in common is their potential to benefit from a Rubber B brand watch band. Not all watches can be upgraded with a new band, but many can.

1. Suuunto Ambit

Arguably the best sport watch in existence, Suuunto brings a stunning piece of outdoor equipment to the table. It keeps track of multiple environmental and personal health factors, like heart rate, speed, altitude, and even weather conditions. Additionally, you can select which specific functions you need, allowing for complete customization. Yours can have GPS with navigation, stronger battery life, a barometric altimeter, and even an online analysis tool to keep track of all your information.

2. Nixon Lodown S

Your inner surfer will be elated at this watch. It has been loaded with nearly two decades worth of tidal information. Any surfer, boating enthusiast, or fisherman will love having this information at their fingertips that they didn’t even know they needed. This is a perfect watch to employ a Rubber B brand strap. The added durability of a Rubber B watch band will only keep your sport watch in the best shape.

3. Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

This versatile yet stylish watch boosts several key features that make it integral for the outdoorsman. It is able to withstand three different forces; vibrational, centrifugal, and gravitational forces, which make it sturdy and powerful. It also has a system called the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, which essentially uses the information from external calibration signals as well as from GPS satellites to keep itself current and accurate.

4. Timex Expedition Rugged

You can’t go wrong with Timex, and their outdoor line is equally impressive. This Expedition Rugged is resistant to water up to 50 meters, boosts a patented INDIGLO┬« Night-Light, and even luminescent hands. This watch won’t put a dent in your wallet, and it is perfect for the beginner or moderate outdoorsman.