Orange Is the New Black


Orange is really the new black these days, so brighten up your life with these seven select pieces of gear. Continue reading


Best Watch Straps for a Sweat-Free Summer


When it’s 90 degrees outside, wearing a padded crocodile watch strap is no less insane than putting on a parka. Yeah, yeah, you’re man enough to handle having a sweaty wrist. But what about when that $600 piece of hide starts harboring major funk? Didn’t think so. (And your main BBQ mate agrees.) Plus, don’t even think about jumping in the pool with a leather strap, unless you’re ready to throw it out as you towel off.

Instead, swap in one of these four summer-ready materials and start enjoying casual weekends with breezy ease.

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Measure Your Wrist Before Getting A Replacement Watch Strap

Watch Band Replacement

Hello my watch connoisseurs, Have you been ready to replace the watch strap you have for something more stylish and comfortable ? Well before you go on and replace your Rolex watch strap, we need to get one thing measured out first, and that your wrist and lug width. So next time you’re ready to order the Rubber B universal watch straps, you will no longer be lost when you see lug width of 18 mm, 20mm, 22mm Continue reading

Finally A Great Watch Strap for Rolex AND Panerai

Watch bands for Rolex

So the other day, I ordered a new watch band from Rubber B for my Rolex. These are universal luxury watch straps that are made to fit all luxury watches. I was referred to get one by my uncle, he said that his has lasted for 5 years now without getting any damage done. So I said why not, I wanted a nice watchband I can match with. I went with their brown full grain leather strap and you can see how it looks here.   Continue reading

Introducing New Line of Universal Watch Straps; Luxury for All!

leather strap for all watches

For those in the know, the name RubberB is synonymous with high quality accessories for some of the world’s finest watches. Specifically, RubberB, as the name implies, makes durable, vulcanized rubber watch bands for timepieces made by watchmakers like Rolex and Panerai. But, not content to sit on its laurels, RubberB has introduced a new line of universal watch straps designed to bring this same level of luxury and performance to everyone. Continue reading